Whew! Talk about a close vote! In last week's Pop Clash, Kylie Minogue beat out Shakira by less than one percent! Now, Kylie's moving on to challenge One Direction. Who do you think should win this week's Pop Clash?

Kylie brings the glamour in her new video for 'Into the Blue.' While the video looks like a gorgeous, high-production fashion campaign, the track just makes us want to dance. 'Into the Blue' is all about leaping into the unknown and embracing freedom. The song totally pumps us up with its anthemic vibe.

And if you're planning on letting lose, you'll probably be rocking out to One Direction's 'Midnight Memories' as well! The boys are all about having fun and making the most of their youth. We can totally get behind that! Like 'Into the Blue,' this song is a total anthem for seizing the day.

Who should win this week's Pop Clash: Kylie or 1D? Vote for your favorite track once an hour until the polls close on Feb. 17 at 3PM ET.

Listen to Kylie Minogue, 'Into the Blue'

Listen to One Direction, 'Midnight Memories'