Who knew rapping would make its way into a singing competition? Tonight on 'X Factor,' one of the groups that was formed during the first boot camp round performed Jay-Z's 'Wishing on a Star.' Some performances outshone others, with singing and rapping portions of the Jay-Z tune sounding great at times and falling flat at certain points.

Brian Bradley, 14, was one of the first performers up, and even though he sounded like he had a handle on the song, he actually forgot the words to the Jay-Z song and ended up freestyling. Tinuke Oyeful also rapped, but the dreadlock-adorned singer didn't really deliver in the singing department.  Lauren Ashley, 17, killed it during her gorgeous solo, and, conversely, Jennifay Nichols was just "meh" during her assigned portion of 'Wishing on a Star.'

The judges weren't totally feeling Bradley's rap skills, particularly because it is such a hard genre and he is still so young. L.A. Reid pretty much summed up their feelings when he said, "Let me give it to you from a rap perspective -- he's just too young." We will have to wait and see if the judges were digging any of the other hip-hop performers.

Watch 'Wishing on a Star' on 'X Factor'