'X Factor' judge L.A. Reid isn't bothered that the singing competition show hasn't lived up to Simon Cowell's stated objective of 20 million viewers per week.

Reid said on a conference call that he's content with the show's ratings, which average 12 million viewers per episode. "The fact of the matter is that we’ve had a very successful show. And whether we hit 20 or not -- I’d like to hit 30, I mean I’d like to sweep it -- but that’s not really what’s important to me.”

Reid sees Cowell's earlier remarks as more of a goal than a prediction. "That’s a statement that Simon put out there and I think it was an aspirational statement. And I hope that at some point we can get there. I’m not disappointed that we’re not there.”

Ad rates for 'X Factor' have fallen as ratings have underperformed, but the FOX show featuring Cowell, Reid, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger as judges and mentors was tied for the highest-rated program of the night last Tuesday, when a two-hour episode revealed the batch of 17 finalists.