Go ahead, make L.A. Reid's day!

That's just what the blonde duo Makenna and Brock did when they partnered to sing Zac Brown Band's 'Colder Weather' on 'X Factor.' The good-looking, wholesome, blond pair are not related nor are they dating, although judging by the look on Brock's clean cut face, he wishes they were.

The never subtle Simon Cowell flat out asked them what their relationship is -- hello, awkward moment! They admitted that it's "just friends" and that they've sang together for four years. When asked if they are dating, Makenna dropped back a little, while Brock got red. He looked disappointed. She looks like Amy Poehler. We just wanted to tell them, "Guys, you are so cute! You should date!"

Regardless of who's crushing on who – and the fact that they really would be a cute couple -- their excellent duet of 'Colder Weather' by Zac Brown Band made L.A. Reid's day. He flat out told the pair that. It made us smile, too. Their harmonies were controlled and spot on. They also gave a country song a pop makeover.

Maybe it's that romantic tension that spills over and creates that extra, indescribable oomph in the music. Obviously, Makenna and Brock are headed to the next level of competition. They have a good look and even better voices.

Listen to Makenna and Brock's Duet on 'X Factor'