Former 'American Idol' Season 6 contestant Antonella Barba has teamed up with two DJS from Crazytown in a new project called LA-eX. While Jordin Sparks took the crown that season, Barba is still doing her thing, especially with the new jam 'Lipstick,' which is an electronic club banger. The song's message is about dudes who need to figure it out, even though the video focuses squarely on Barba and her lips, which are painted with various shades and patterns of lipstick.

"'Lipstick' is actually directed at guys who need to get their s--- together," Barba told PopCrush. "But it applies to any human who needs a reality check. When peeps are living foul, and everyone knows it, they need to fix up their lipstick." We soooo know what she means and we like bobbing our head as the song repeats the "You need to fix up your lipstick" lyrical loop.

The video is super fun, as Barba's lips boast lipstick in every shade and look imaginable, including zebra print, frosty pink, American flags, rainbows, candy cane stripes, polka dots and Day-Glo colors illuminated by black lights; it's a good thing she has nice teeth, since they are the indirect focus of the video. She certainly has statement lips. Lady Gaga would approve of all this color, especially when Barba sports short, bright, candy-hued wigs.

Barba further elaborated about her new partnership with LA-eX, saying, "I was moving out to LA back in December and a friend of mine knew SQRL, so he put us in touch, and he and Epic had just started a new electro project for fun. We met up, and I loved what they were doing, so I joined the band. Now they're my main homies."

The musical connection was super strong, as Barba admits that "we rock out in studio all week, just banging all kinds of new electro sounds and styles. They'll call me at 2AM and be like, 'Yo, get over here. You need to sing on this now' and then the next day I'm blowing out the speakers in car, singing at the top of lungs over a new dubstep tune in traffic. It's awesome."

Watch the LA-eX 'Lipstick' Video