L.A. Reid told self-proclaimed starving artist Ashley Sansone that she made him want to slit his wrists on 'X Factor.' That's pretty harsh, but Sansone made us want to stick screwdrivers in our ears. She was, in a word, horrible, as she shrieked out of tune to Janis Joplin's 'Piece of My Heart.' She massacred the song. It was a case of "Make it stop! Make it stop!" She was that bad. Tone deaf? That doesn't even begin to describe what this girl was.

Sansone took off her shoes and performed, not before calling herself a "pop tart" and saying that she would even sing songs about gummy bears. She was a hot mess, and we can't believe that the producers gave her more than 30 seconds of air time with her ranting.

Reid, who is probably the most critical of the judges' panel, told Sansone that her pre-performance rant annoyed him to the point of getting on his nerves. That's called not starting off on the right foot. And that whole taking off her shoes thing? Not exactly sanitary, since tons of hopefuls were walking and dancing on the stage.

Looks like the term "starving" is going to be accurate for quite some time for Ashley Sansone.

Watch Ashley Sansone Sing 'Piece of My Heart'