Lady Gaga is back to her female form, and boy oh boy, do we bet she is missing those Jo Calderone wingtips right about now! During a recent interview with E! News, fashion guru Giuliana Rancic asked Gaga about the seriously high heels she was wearing, which were also an ode to her little monsters.

"First of all, the shoes, amaze-fest-USA. How high are these?" Rancic asked. "I guess maybe a foot or so, maybe a bit more, they have the fans' faces on them," Gaga replied in reference to the platform, heel-less heels she was wearing. It's just like Gaga to pay tribute to her fans in such a unique and fashion-forward way.

During the interview, Gaga wore nude, draped chiffon fabric that was wrapped around her head and upper torso. Her legs were exposed, allowing the shoes to truly shine as the centerpiece of the outfit. Her eyes were done up in a Cleopatra-esque cat eye, and her bleach blond hairdo made her look as if she got caught in a hair gel wind tunnel prior to the interview.

Sitting in a chair across from Rancic, Gaga had a tea cup placed on the arm of her chair as she spoke about her male alter ego Jo Calderone, whom Rancic said she was "obsessed with." Rancic asked, "Do you think that Jo will make another appearance any time soon?" Gaga replied, "I don't know how soon but I'm sure Jo will want to perform again. I don't think he can help himself really."

The interview was conducted in conjunction with Gaga's latest Viva Glam campaign for M.A.C., which helps raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS.

Watch a Clip From Lady Gaga's Interview With Giuliana Rancic