15 million is the magic number! Lady Gaga has furthered her stronghold on the Twitter-verse, as she has notched her 15 millionth follower. That's a lot of followers. Thankfully, Gaga's tweets are usually informative and entertaining, and often include intimate photos of the Mother Monster. With 15 million followers, it's official: Gaga reigns over Twitter. They should rename it Gaga-er.

Of course Gaga acknowledged and tweeted about her digital milestone. She posted this note to her monsters: "I am finally here + what a dream come true. Performing at Formula 1 in INDIA, and my first day here I reached #15millionmonsters." Sounds like it was a good and productive day for Gaga.

Gaga is the first user to notch that many followers. She added another million followers to get to 15 million in less than a month; she pulled in a million little monsters in 28 days! To scale, she added a million new followers in a period of 31 days, between July and August of 2011, according to MediaBistro.

If you are a numbers nerd who is interested in the growth pattern of Gaga's Twitter domination, here's the lay of the land. If she keeps adding followers at this clip, she could be up to 16 million followers by the end of November. 20 million followers could be in her sights, as well. If she keeps pace, she could reach that high watermark by April of next year.

So if you don't yet follow Gaga on Twitter, you may as well start now. Everyone else is doing it. Why don't you? We promise she is entertaining.