The 2011 American Music Awards were a veritable "Who's Who" of pop music. While Adele gets a pass for being MIA from the ceremony due to the fact that she is recovering from throat surgery and Rihanna is forgiven since she is on tour in Europe, PopCrush had to ask: Where was Lady Gaga on the big night?

Yes, we know that Gaga has been overseas for the past few weeks, appearing on 'X Factor' and Alan Carr's talk show, in addition to visiting India and beyond. So why are we questioning her whereabouts as opposed to the others? Simply because she has appeared on every single major awards show out there and is known for jetting to and from and even forsaking sleep in order to grace us with her presence worthwhile pop music events.

There isn't a media outlet that she's skipped over this past year so we were shocked and surprised that she didn’t show up. For most of the night, we were actually wondering if the AMAs producers had something planned and related to Gaga that they managed to miraculously keep a secret. But it never materialized.

Still, Gaga is tireless. She visits TV shows (singing, dancing or otherwise) no matter what side of the country they are on or she is on. While Gaga is probably thisclose to making like George Clooney in 'Up in the Air' and earning 10 million frequent flier miles due to crisscrossing the globe for promotional appearances, we are super curious as to why she didn't book a flight, cross the pond, head to Los Angeles, perform at the 2011 American Music Awards and then head back to Europe?

Whatever the case, the Mother Monster was sorely missed at the big show. She didn't win any of the awards that she was nominated for, but we would have been on the edge of our seats (and of glory) wondering what she would wear and how she would rework 'Marry the Night' for the 2011 AMAs stage.

There is always next year.