Lady Gaga was the first person to hit 20 million Twitter followers, a stat she reached just last month. It's a mere few weeks later and she's already well past 21 million followers. Make that over 21,186,000 at press time.

At this rate, she could hit 25 million sometime this year and when you come to think of it, there can't be that many little monsters who aren't paying attention to her 140 character declarations. It's an astounding amount of people plugged into her world and listening to what she has to say.

The Mother Monster, who is preparing to embark on the Born This Way Ball tour shortly, acknowledged her latest Twitter feat, or tweet feat. She suggested erecting a Twitter Country where they can all reside.

While Gaga was previously unseated as the digital queen of realms like Facebook and YouTube, Twitter is unequivocally her domain. She's the sovereign of this particular social media site and that's a very good thing, since it's been reported that she rakes in $30 million, which is roughly a third of her overall income, due to her Twitter account. It's quite a profitable enterprise for the Mother Monster, in addition to keeping her infinitely, intrinsically and intimately connected to her beloved throng of little monsters.