Lady Gaga's a proponent of swimming in blood, but we've just learned her forthcoming American Horror Story character's a big fan of drinking it, too. Bottoms up!

In an interview from Entertainment Weekly's September issue, a piece of which was published to the site today (August 26), AHS creator Ryan Murphy opens up about the "Applause" singer's upcoming "Countess" character. First things first: She's basically a vampire (but don't call her that...).

"I prefer the term ‘ancient blood virus,’ ” Murphy explains, noting the need of Gaga's character to consume blood is more "affliction" than fetish. “It’s really a form of hemophilia, in a way.” Still, on the cover—which is featured above—the Countess seems to be enjoying her latest cocktail, whether it's necessary or not.

More on Gaga's character: The art-deco hotel she's acquired was originally built in 1930 by a rich lunatic who used it as a trophy case to hide the bodies of those he'd murdered (EW says there will be "dead ends, secret rooms" and "endless shafts" involved). And Gaga, whose Countess a glamorous socialite with a dark side, is thrilled to dive right into the dark story lines ahead.

"I’ve just been weeping while I’m here because I have returned to something I’ve believed in so much, which is the art of darkness,” she said. “It’s not something that everyone understands, but, for the people that do—Horror Story fans, my fans—there is a true connection between us, and it’s a language within itself.”

What's your take on Gaga's eerie image? Share your thoughts in the comments, and tell us if you'll tune in to the new AHS season when the show returns in October!

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