Lady Gaga's very aware that her wardrobe might convince you she's lost her mind—on the contrary, though, there's an incredible amount of thought behind each piece.

In an interview with E! News published today (October 14), Gaga says her American Horror Story: Hotel looks are carefully curated after poring over the script, and really considering what The Countess would want to wear.

"When I go in and I see a rack, something that people probably don't think about me...they think I just go in there and I put on whatever's crazy, which is fine," she explained. "But I don't do that. I go in with my script and I'm like, ‘OK, where are we? We're getting ready to go out hunting. Okay, I definitely need my hunting glove, and I definitely would wear my hair up because I don't want to get blood in my hair.'"

And Gaga, who's no stranger to the avant-garde (MEAT DRESS! BOOB GUNS!), says even she's being challenged by The Countess' trend-transcending style. The red coat from the show's premiere, for example, weighed nearly 50 pounds, and left Gaga in pain when the cameras finally went down.

"That's my art, and that's what people don't always really know about me," she said. "[They think] I'm always putting things on to be provocative or shocking for the sake of it. But actually, it's not that easy to wear all of those things and to do it with poise and precision and to hit your mark every time, for a director. So [American Horror Story] is actually really stretching me in a great way."

Surprised to hear so much thought goes into Gaga's AHS ensembles? Check out one wardrobe-selection in the clip above, share your take on The Countess' looks so far and be sure to tune in to the next episode Wednesday at 10 PM EST on FX!

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