Lady Gaga arrived Down Under – in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, actually -- dressed like a black widow. A fashionable black widow, though! It's ironic since she is back together with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney, who visited her while she was in Australia.

While there, the Mother Monster wore a mesh bodysuit, topped with a black blazer, and paired with black fishnets, which had a rip in the calf. It was edgy disheveled, which is a hot street look. But Gaga is not just any old hip and cool girl with smart street style. Look no further than those towering black booties, which are a mix between old fashioned Granny boots and stripper heels. Oh, the contrasts that comprise Gaga’s signature style. She looks amazeballs (we borrowed that term from Adam Lambert) in her big-brimmed hat and blond locks, too.

We’re also struck by how effortlessly put together she looks. Like she doesn’t dress like she spent a ton of time choosing what to wear. It's like she did a grab ‘n’ go and ended up dressing like a fashion plate.

Gaga was also seen cuddling up with her on-again, off-again BF Kinney. It was widely reported that they split before she hit the road on the Born This Way Ball tour, but that they got back together soon after going their separate ways. The couple was snapped on the balcony of her Brisbane hotel, with Kinney sporting noticeable scruff and Gaga, clad only in a white t-shirt, looked happy and content while pressed up against him. Aw!

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