When news of Amy Winehouse's shocking death broke on July 23, people all over the globe were devastated, including Lady Gaga. In a recent interview with AMP Radio, Gaga went on to talk about how Amy Winehouse inspired her, and how many people would confuse her with Winehouse when she was first starting out.

"I didn’t know her … I loved her so much ... I just remember feeling like I wasn’t alone because she was so different and she was so special," Gaga said of Winehouse. This definitely holds true, considering both singers have become known for their out-of-the-box music and mindsets.

Before Gaga hit it big, she was a brunette like Winehouse, and the singer said people used to mistake her for Ms. Winehouse constantly. "I was nobody when she was first coming out. I have really dark hair and all the time on the street people would go, 'Amy!’ And they would go, 'Back to Black.’ They’d scream at me," she said.

Finally, Gaga commented on the appalling way in which many celebrities are treated. Sometimes, fame can get the best of people, and many reports have been released saying this is what led to Winehouse's downfall. "It’s really devastating and I think it’s a lesson to the world," Gaga explained. "Don’t kill the superstar. Take care of her. Take care of her soul.”

The cause of Amy Winehouse's death has yet to be determined, and the 'Back to Black' songstress was memorialized in a service yesterday and cremated shortly thereafter.