At the St. Paul, Minn. stop of the Born This Way Ball tour, the Lady Gaga-fan site PropaGaga met with Ma Monster and got some key details about 'ARTPOP.' Of course they shared the wealth, for which we thank them immensely. The main thing we took away from it? That 'ARTPOP' will have no shortage in the supply of fun, dirty dance music.

Here's what we know, courtesy of the PropaGaga folks!

She's happy. Gaga was in a better headspace writing and recording the album, something she began right after wrapping 'Born This Way.'

Mommy Monster knows 'BTW' was a challenging album for fans, but that she loves how it became both a movement and form of therapy for little monsters. It was cathartic, for both her and her fans, but she is happy she got it off her chest and is ready to move, grow and mature as an artist.

Gaga also said she knows what her fans want -- fun, dirty dance music. And that's what populates 'ARTPOP.'

The album is almost done. Vocals and music for all tracks were laid down, but she will re-record vocals with vocal coach Don Lawrence after the tour is over so that it is perfect as it can be.

Ma Monster considers 'ARTPOP' her first "real" album –- so what does that make 'The Fame' and 'BTW?' -- and that it follows the theme of a phoenix rising from the ashes.

She thinks it's so good that she might not be able to top it.

Alright, we have beyond perked up. Just dance, gonna be okay.

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