When meeting with the uber fans who run the Gaga Daily fan site, Lady Gaga spoke about how 'ARTPOP' is inspired by the idea of a phoenix risng from the ashes. She also commented on her "relationship" with Madonna, who spent much of 2012 dissing her.

Gaga wanted to clarify that the idea of the phoenix has nothing to do with the concept of the decay of the superstar.

More interestingly, Gaga did address the feud with Madge, saying, "I know she hates me but I don’t give a ----!" Gaga took the high road onstage every time Madonna hurled an insult her way, choosing to focus on the positive. She firmly decided against engaging in mudslinging.

"She’s just waiting for me to strike another pose," Gaga said, according to the Gaga Daily peeps.

We weren't there, but judging from the sounds of it, Gaga isn't too concerned with pacifying Madonna or earning her respect. That would be reductive of her, wouldn't it?

It's interesting to hear Gaga's perspective when speaking directly to her fans, since that is when she is in her most natural and relaxed state. She doesn't hide anything from monsters, so it doesn't surprise us that she chose to be so frank, even when addressing her long-standing feud with the Material Girl. We still wonder if the ladies will ever bury the hatchet.

It would have been nice to see them take the stage together at Yankee Stadium.

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