Lady Gaga has issued a rather informative update on her next album 'ARTPOP.' She will release the record in two volumes, with one being more commercially-leaning and the other veering off that course and attempting a more experimental style.

She has a very specific plan for how she wants to split up the material. She also shared what region of little monsters influenced the album and was super detailed and descriptive about how some of the songs will sound, like "underground Chicago gay trap" style. Say what?

During a chat on her LittleMonsters site, she revealed some details (courtesy of Gaga Daily).

She wrote:

Sort of thinking that vol. 1 should have all the commercial songs and save the experimental material for vol. 2.

That's a good plan, that way she doesn't sacrifice any commercial appeal by confusing people with "out there" or esoteric songs. It also means lots and lots of songs, and no shortage of Ma Monster's music. Can we get a "yay" on that?

Mother Monster also revealed that she was inspired by the Indonesian faction of little monsters. She dealt with drama when touring that region of the world, including a canceled (even after it sold out) show in Jakarta due to religious protesters.

About the inspiration she wrote:

I love indonesian monsters, they inspired some songs on ARTPOP, I was really inspired by the conflict we had with indonesia so I wrote some songs about it but their more metaphorical and conceptual about bringing people together, both are dance songs, one song is a complextro masterpiece and the other is a hip-hop/j-pop/pop song. And it's not hip-hop in the way you know, it's more underground chicago gay club trap and it's very diffrent from Azealia Banks music because she's more 90's house.

She also shared that the songs are completely different and that she may release the second volume six months after the first. She is continuing to develop the multi-media app associated with the album. And if you are expecting 'Born This Way II,' well, you'll be disappointed, because you are not going to get it.

All the songs are completely diffrent. anyway the album is not one kind of music and I think i'm going to release 2 volumes - ARTPOP volume 1 and ARTPOP volume 2 and would put on second volume maybe like 6 months after this?. the app IS COMING ALONG AMAZING and that's why I fly back to chicago to work on app and see taylor.

the developers on artpop are all like 22 and genius kids, you'd be surprised how many genius little monsters their are! I can't decide how to tracklist yet but it's sort of thinking that VOL.1 should have all the commercials songs, and then save the experimental meterial. but to be honest even the experimental stuff is catchy.VOL.1 is a bit more modern. Cake Like Lady Gaga it's not really experimental more just fun trap. I wouldn't call what I do 'rap' it's more like hardcore glam that's what they call it underground, spoked word over techno/hip-hop, and there's techno yea. It's NOTHING like bornthisway. but it will feel like a 'piece' the way btw did.

We'll buy that -- 'BTW' did feel like a "piece" of her career, albeit a significant one.

She also revealed that 'Princess Die,' which debuted during live shows this summer, will probably not end up on either volume. Boo!

She shared:

I don't think Princess Die will make the cut, but I wrote another version of princess die that is uptempo...totally diffrent song. Princess Die isn't as good as all the other songs I wrote, artpop is more a project experience. Like each song means something to me whether or not it makes the record.

Wow, if she thinks that 'Princess Die' is not that good, we're in for quite a record, monsters!

PopCrushers and little monsters, how are you feeling about this update? Excited? Overwhelmed? Curious? Anxious? Tell us!

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