Lady Gaga is cleaning out her closet. The singer is auctioning off items that she has worn over the past few years, ranging from her 2010 Monster's Ball tour headpiece to the face mask she wore in the 'Bad Romance' video, which is constructed of nails and safety pins. If you happen to bid on and win that accessory, you better be careful!

The clothes and other sundry items will go under the hammer at Julien's Block, according to E! Gaga has worn some outrageous and outlandish pieces of fashion over the past three years and we'd love to know why she has chosen to part with certain things. Since she is such a clotheshorse and stylista, we'd think she'd want to keep everything in storage, as part of her history.

Another iconic piece that's going on the block? The Ecstasy Gown that was constructed of gold python leather and nude mesh, which starts with a bid of $5,000. That should be a coveted item for a collector/fan with some serious disposable income.

The dress is actually priceless, since it has a bit of Gaga's DNA on it! No joke. The description reads:

"There is a small spot of blood on the skirt as Gaga obtained a scratch on her left arm from an overzealous fan."

That's what makes it authentic and a piece of Ma Monster's history. You can't put a dollar value on that.

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