Oh boy. Lady Gaga is controversial rapper Azealia Banks latest Twitter target. The divas –only one of them is a TRUE diva in this convo, let's be honest—threw shade at one another on Twitter, in the most passive aggressive of ways. Gaga tweeted about the mermaid motif of her upcoming SwineFest show and Banks took aim.

Gaga tweeted the following:

Then Banks responded by pretty much saying that Gaga was borrowing from her ideas, although we didn't know Banks had patented or trademarked the concept of mermaids and acquatic nymphs. Gaga did appear as one in the 'You & I' video and had some back and forth with diva Bette Midler, who claimed Gaga borrowed her mermaid-in-a-wheelchair schtick.

A seemingly deleted tweet from Banks read: "@ladygaga hmmmm sounds alot like Azealia Banks’ mermaid balls."

Her other tweets are below.

Gaga tweeted a Little Mermaid GIF, which could be interpreted as Banks calling the wahmbulance over things.

We think we know where all this is stemming from.

'Red Flame,' the much bandied about collabo between Ma Monster and Banks, was yanked from 'ARTPOP.' In an interview with a U.K. radio station, Gaga admitted that Banks "is not on 'ARTPOP,' no. But I think she is a fantastic vocalist, but no, she's not." So Gaga was cordial when acknowledging that the track would not be featured.

Banks seems to start feuds with just about everyone, from Rita Ora to Nicki Minaj. Maybe she should spend more time getting her delayed album 'Broke With Expensive Taste' out? Perhaps? No?

There will be no Azealia Banks on 'ARTPOP' but there will be some Too Short. The rapper will appear on the album, which Gaga said at the VMAs on the red carpet.

Gaga did tweet more SwineFest attire requirements, for those of you who are so inclined.