Barbra Streisand, an OG diva, is doing a remake of 'Gypsy,' and she is gunning for Lady Gaga to take the lead.

In a rather glossed over part of Babs' interview with Time, the writer mentions that the singer wants to cast Gaga in the remake of the Broadway musical about a stripper and her showbiz mama. If conventional wisdom comes into play, Streisand would take the role of the mother, and Gaga, of course, would portray the, um, exotic dancer.

Gaga would certainly do right but the stripper role, since the character reportedly has several layers of depth. It sounds like a role she was born to play; a supporting part just wouldn't be right for Ma Monster.

The fact that the Time article says that Babs wants to cast Gaga could mean that the singer/actress is also directing or producing the remake.

The details are scarce, but generations of divadom would collide if the Mother Monster was to to work with Streisand, who has been singing her heart out for decades. She got our attention with that little tidbit of news. Maybe it'll work out. Maybe it won't. Maybe she was just thinking out loud. It's certainly exciting to think about.

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