Want to see Lady Gaga's birthday suit?

No, not that birthday suit. Mother Monster didn't get nakey nakes. But we did make you look, didn't we?

Gaga spent her 26th birthday (March 28) in Los Angeles, ducking the paparazzi. If she was trying to go unnoticed, well, the fact that she wasn't wearing any pants wasn't helping her draw attention away from herself.

Gaga wore what looked like diamonds studded on the back of her leather jacket, a bandana and a tiara. She was the birthday girl and could wear a tiara if she wanted! She also rocked black shades, pretty much a signature for her these days, and was carrying some sort of a small dog or a stuffed one. She wore sheer black pantyhose but nothing over them and hid her face from the paps and their flashbulbs.

Gaga, we love you unconditionally and your fashion sense is off the charts, but what's with the incomplete outfits? We haven't forgotten when you flashed your bra a few weeks back. But on your big day, couldn't you have thrown on a a deconstructed skirt? Leggings? Something? It looks sloppy when you eschew your pantalones! We're not going to get all blasphemous and suggest throwing on some sweatpants -- as if! -- but you need some balance with your ensembles.

Hands free is okay. Pants free? Not so much!