What, no cover?

In the November issue of Harper's Bazaar España, Lady Gaga is featured in a multi-page spread and she gets bloodied and gooey for the photos. One might she say is all "liquided" up.

Lady Gaga is often photographed with some sort of nebulous liquid slathered all over her body, and this mag feature is no different. We're just shocked that Ma Monster, with her penchant for captivating and subversive photos, wasn't the cover girl. Pft. Their loss!

Harper's Bazaar España did luck out with two new photos from the photo shoot for Fame, Gaga's best-selling debut scent, according to Lady Gaga Now. The imaging is consistent with promotion and marketing efforts for the perfume, which centered on mouths, liquid latex, black and red.

Gaga is sitting in life-sized, red lips, smeared with a black liquid. Perhaps it's her perfume, since it is the world's first black-in-the-bottle, clear-when-airborne fragrance. If that's the case, that lip pool probably would smell...overwhelming -- it's likely meant to mimic her fragrance. Otherwise, she's looking like a dirty girl.

She's also rocking blunt pink bangs and cupping her breasts, while her lips are stained with wine-colored, matte lipstick. The bordeaux lip look is so "right now," and Gaga works it.

In the second photo, she's wearing a crown of some sort. She never makes eye contact with the camera in these images, which only serves to make them even more mysterious.

PopCrushers, what do you think of Gaga's latest magazine spread?

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