Fans eager for a sneak preview of Lady Gaga's upcoming ‘Born This Way: The Remix’ album now have another track from the record to check out -- the remix of 'Bloody Mary' by English rock band the Horrors.

The remix features a hypnotic pulse that carries throughout the entire song and sets the mood during long instrumental stretches. The track tweaks Gaga's vocal to give it a more haunting, distant feeling.

Interestingly, the original chorus does not appear at all in the remix. Instead, the Horrors use only the first and second verses from Gaga's track, with repeated emphasis on the line "I'll dance, dance, dance with my hands, hands, hands above my head, head, head." Whether intentional or not, the edits remove nearly all of the religious imagery and the references to Jesus and being crucified.

The 'Bloody Mary' remix concludes with spacey bloops and what sound like a series of interstellar explosions. The song doesn't bear much resemblance to the studio recording, which is fine, because the Horrors win us over with their total reinvention of the track.

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'Bloody Mary' (The Horrors Remix)