Katy Perry may have "gone blue" as Smurfettte in the new Smurfs movie, but Lady Gaga one upped her fellow pop diva with the blue suit that the Mother Monster wore to her interview with AMP Radio this week.

Gaga's blindingly blue power suit makes her look like she could be running a Fortune 500 company, except for the hardware, which consisted of silver nipple tassles -- or are those cones? -- affixed to the outside of her fitted, low cut blazer, which she wore sans a bra.

In addition to the bold hue, the outfit also boasted statement shoulder pads, extra long sleeves and an A-line skirt. Even when wearing something so tailored and proper, the Mother Monster gave it an edge thanks to the color and those nipple clamps, which we must say felt like a modern update of Madonna's famed cone brassiere.

Leave it to Gaga to prove that you don't need to be boring when wearing something neat, fitted and professional.

Gaga wore her hair in a high side ponytail, with portions of the white-blonde locks looking crimped. She also rocked a punk rock version of Granny/John Lennon glasses, which were big and round, with purple lenses.

You can’t see ‘em, but she wore a pair of killer heels  too. "Killer" as in in if she tripped, she could injure, harm, maim herself.

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[Photo Credit: x17online.com]