One of Lady Gaga's bodyguards came under fire for putting an overzealous fan in what some are claiming was a chokehold.

Just Jared reports that apparently while Gaga was exiting a hotel in Paris, a group of fans swarmed her pretty intensely. One fan in particular got a little too close to Gaga, standing directly in front of her and blocking her way to her waiting car, and it appears that a member of her security team grabbed the fan around the neck and shoulders in an attempt to pull him away from her.

Judging strictly by what we can see in the video, the fan appears to be okay and not seriously injured, which is a good thing. We can see how the situation is a scary thing for all parties involved, and we're glad that everyone walked away from the event unscathed.

Considering scary things that have happened to celebrities in the past when some fans have managed to get a little too close, we understand why Gaga's team would be extra cautious. We also understand how overwhelming it can be to see one of your favorite celebrities up close like that, and we doubt the fan meant any harm. You can see footage of the incident in the video above.

According to TMZ, this isn't the first time a fan of Gaga's had a run-in with a member of her security team. In August 2012, someone who got a little too aggressive while asking her for an autograph was reportedly grabbed by the head and thrown to the ground by a bodyguard.

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