There's some amazing financial news about Lady Gaga's fraught-with-controversy Born This Way Ball tour. The trek, which saw protests from religious groups and the cancelation of the sold out (to over 50,000 monsters, mind you!) Indonesian show due to extremist threats, is on trend to be one of the highest grossing tours in music history. It's already proving to be one of the most successful tours of the year, grossing $45 million at this point.

GagaDaily has posted individual stats from each date of the tour and every single one of the eight shows in Asia sold out. Gaga was playing to tens of thousands of little monsters each night, so she was making a killing on tickets, merch and more. Even with all of the drama surrounding the tour, Gaga is pretty much printing money at every gig and further solidifying her footing (in platform heels, no less) as a global pop icon and a superstar of the highest order.

We guess, in the long run, it doesn't really matter that Thai officials criticized her use of their nation's flag during a performance, since Lady Gaga is raking in the dough no matter what is said or done.

The Born This Way Ball is on a pace to surpass her Monster Ball tour, in terms of earnings. The Mother Monster is only on the first leg of the Born This Way Ball tour, with more dates to come and planned for 2013. We can't wait for U.S. dates to be announced!

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