Today, Lady Gaga revealed the official 'Born This Way' track listing. The shock pop singer warned her little monsters of the huge announcement last night on her official Twitter page.

Gaga has already unveiled the album artwork and released two singles off of 'Born This Way': the album's title track, and her newest controversial single, 'Judas.' PopCrush did some digging a few weeks back into which songs will be featured on 'Born This Way,' and all 11 tracks we originally reported appear on the album in addition to three tracks Gaga had kept under wraps. Check out the official track listing below.

Get excited little monsters! 'Born This Way' will drop in just three weeks on May 23!

'Born This Way' Official Track Listing

1. 'Marry the Night'
2. 'Born This Way'
3. 'Government Hooker'
4. 'Judas'
5. 'Americano'
6. 'Hair'
7. ‘Scheiße’
8. 'Bloody Mary'
9. 'Bad Kids'
10. 'Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)'
11. 'Heavy Metal Lover'
12. 'Electric Chapel'
13. 'You and I'
14. 'The Edge of Glory'