Calling all monsters and night owls. The alternate version of Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way,' dubbed 'Born This Way (The Country Road Version)' will be available at 3AM ET on Friday, March 25 via Twitter. Gaga tweeted the news that the new version of her dance anthem is on its way, ready to crash into earth like a meteor!

Gaga spoke to Gayle King -– you know, Oprah's BFF -– on King's talk show in February and during the interview, the Mother Monster opened up about the dual versions of 'Born This Way.'

"I've made two music videos for the song," she says. "I'm actually putting together another video, which is a more stripped-down version of the song that will be released on iTunes and also released as an audio file. A portion of the money raised selling the song is actually going to go towards an anti-bully charity."

We can only assume that this version to be released on Twitter in the wee hours of the morning will be the stripped down version, based on its title and the epicness of the version that has already topped the Billboard charts for weeks! Nevertheless, we cannot wait to hear it and to see the accompanying video. Speaking of videos, Gaga is co-directing the video for Judas, her forthcoming single.

'Born This Way' detonates at retail stores on May 23.