Lady Gaga has often said she will never be seen in public without her heels because she always wants to be experienced and viewed as the Mother Monster to all her little monsters. If they encounter her in real life, she will still be Lady Gaga.

However, rumors state that her boyfriend and 'You & I' video co-star Taylor Kinney of 'Vampire Diaries' fame prefers the company of Stefani Germanotta, as opposed to the Lady Gaga persona.

While most little monsters would find it impossible to divorce Gaga from Stefani, Kinney, who has allegedly been dating Gaga for around six months, has asked her to hang up her wig and take off her skyscraper heels when she is with him. Well, we have seen photographic evidence of the duo doing mundane chores like laundry together, so perhaps there is a kernel of truth to this!

In Touch
reports that Kinney was not feeling Gaga in character all day, every day. A source told the tabloid that "Gaga started living and breathing her character 24/7 because she felt her fans wanted that."

The source also stated that Kinney didn't let it bother him or mention it to Gaga at first, but as their relationship progressed, he doesn't want her stage persona to invade their private time. The source said, "Taylor has convinced her that he loves the real Stefani."

Again, Stefani has pretty much morphed in Gaga – hasn't Taylor watched the 'Marry the Night' video? Also, given Gaga's strong, determined personality, we doubt she'd change who or what she is for man. However, maybe she has a chance to just let her guard down with Kinney. It could be any or a combination of those things.