Lady Gaga is an emotional mother monster. While she had remained mostly mum during the drama in which Islamic and Christian hardliners protested her gigs -- she broke her silence via Twitter earlier today -- she came a bit undone onstage, letting her emotions out. It was sweet, tender, touching and 100 percent heartfelt moment. We wanted to run on stage and engulf her in a huge hug.

First, she told her little monsters that she hoped that "good people are with you tonight that make you happy." She thanked them for buying tickets to see her show. She then took her place at her motorcycle keyboard to play the opening strains of 'Hair.'

She then said, "People think I stand for like, really inappropriate things. The truth is want the f---ing best for you, for every one of you. I love you with my heart and soul," she said through tears and a choked up voice. She joked that she was jet lagged, and hence, emotional.

The Mother Monster then declared, "This is not about my clothes or having hit records … people in the world need to be who they are and be proud."

Amen, sister. We meant mother!

Watch Lady Gaga Get Emotional During Philippines Show