Lady Gaga hates herself right now. Why, you ask? Because she has to cancel three concerts on her Born This Way Ball tour, which is unheard of for her, due to the fact that she is in crippling pain. She is suffering from a chronic condition, which she hid from staff and her little monsters, called synovitis.

What's synovitis? It's the severe inflammation of the joints and Mama Monster has such a bad case of it that she can barely stand up. Gaga takes that whole "the show must go on" business seriously. She has played shows after throwing up and after being smashed in the head with a stage prop and suffering a concussion, so you know she has to be in some serious pain to call off one concert, much less three of 'em.

Something tells us canceling the gigs hurts more than the synovitis itself.

Below are Gaga's tweets about having to postpone the shows in Chicago, Detroit and Hamilton. We bet that her staff had to force her, kicking and screaming, to call the shows off.

PopCrush sends out best out to Gaga and hope she heals up soon. Inflamed joints are no joke. But look at it this way. She probably developed the condition from giving 210 percent of herself on that stage every night.

Don't worry, monsters! Inflamed joints won't keep Gaga down for long.

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