Lady Gaga would like her Instagram followers to know that Cher not only has her phone number, but she's very much using it.

The American Horror Story actress aka Tony Bennett's best friend posted the above photo to Instagram with no caption, inviting fans to dream up whatever possible scenario might have led to a casual phone call between Cher and Gaga. Did Gaga ask Cher to call her so she could take, and subsequently post, this photo? Does she just know someone else who also goes by Cher? Or could a collaboration be in the works?

That last one would probably make the most sense. According to MTV the two have collaborated in the past, though the public may never actually hear it. Gaga and producer RedOne wrote a track together called “The Greatest Thing" that they gave to Cher to be featured on her 2013 album Closer to the Truth. But Gaga wasn't happy with the end-product, so the track was scrapped and never released. This remains one of pop music’s greatest injustices.

Fans have since flooded Gaga’s Instagram post with the vast majority of users echoing a comment left by mariechalhoub’s that says, "OMFG I AM CRYIND DEAD ON THW F---KN FLOOR CRYING THIS IS LEGIT WHEN TWO QUEEN CROSS PATHS SEND HELP BECAUSE OMFG.”

But not all comments are bereft of criticism. User r3n3bruun shamed Gaga for her archaic iPhone model, writing, “Can’t believe your [sic] using an iPhone 4! I’m unemployed and have a 6!!!”

Do you think a collaboration is happening? Or did Cher dial Gaga's number by mistake? Do you have an iPhone 6? Let us know!

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