Vince Herbert, one of Lady Gaga's managers, offered a vague and hype-y update on the status of 'ARTPOP.' That's his job, but sadly, he didn't share any concrete details other than Ma Monster's next album is "great" and that she is giving it her all while writing and recording it.

In a chat with MTV, Herbert said, "The record's coming out really, really great. She's just recording and trying to make sure she's giving her fans a great, great album."

That we do not doubt. Providing her beloved little monsters with the best album that she possibly can is always priority No. 1 for Lady Gaga.

Herbert also waxed about the Born This Way Ball tour, which is another smart promotional move, as the U.S. leg is set for 2013 and he wants to get butts in the seats. He gushed, "If you haven't seen the tour, can't wait for you to see it. It's phenomenal. She's just always changing things."

Herbert was actually suffering from a pulmonary embolism (ouch!!) but he still made it out to a Gaga tour date in London. That's a dedicated co-manager. He reiterated, "She loves her fans. She works hard and it's incredible."

Again, no news flash there. Gaga likes to keep her fans and her critics on their toes with her shows. Case in point: machine gun props onstage earlier this month.

But one thing that Herbert shared that offered an insider's insight is how close the Gaga's biological family is with her business team. The Germanottas are a close knit unit, and the management team has become part of their extended family.

Herbert revealed, "Her mom, her dad, we're all very close. It's not just work and that's what makes a relationship even better and even sweeter, that they're real people who care about each other. And we care about them as well."

It's all in the family in the Haus of Gaga and beyond.

Watch Vincent Herbert Talk 'ARTPOP' With MTV