In a recent interview with AMP Radio, Lady Gaga addressed usual topics about her fame and her gay following, but she also acknowledged that her attitude toward fame is artistic -- no wonder she inspired at the University of South Carolina. You're no one until a learning institution crafts a curriculum around you!

The University of South Carolina is offering the contemporary course called 'Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame,' which Gaga deemed "wonderfully interesting art." She expanded on the subject of fame, which has become Gaga's metaphorical drug, saying, "When you look back, movie stars sort of created their own sense of fame. Andy Warhol appropriated the fame of others in order to appropriate his own."

She also placed her perspective in current contexts, which includes the social media sphere, which allows everything to be captured by the public. She continued, "Especially in today's media with social networking and cameras, everyone can take that same picture that the paparazzi used to take … It's not so much about doing it as it is about embracing the art of it. And I think that's what the course is about."

After the interview at AMP, Gaga sat a piano and started out singing the chorus of 'The Edge of Glory' before launching into 'You and I.'  She wore a smashing electric blue suit, a high, side ponytail and oversized Granny-meets-John Lennon glasses. But her offbeat ensemble didn't detract from her performance.

As is customary, she swapped out lyrics to fall in line with her location or whomever is local, cooing, "Carson, I'm not leaving without you." She also replaced "Nebraska" with "California" and sang about a "Hollywood bar with my high heels on," adding that geographical locale to the lyric. We love it when the Mother Monster improvises and shows the love to the city in which she's performing. Oh, and in case you're curious, the "Carson" she shouted out was none other than Carson Daly.

We also adore it when she coordinates every element of her outfit. She rocked blue stockings and ankle-breaking spiked heels in the same hue. She walks and plays piano in this footwear? There is nothing Gaga can't do! Her poor ankles must ache, though.

Overall, she soared through 'You and I' and it was another epic, room-filling, head-turning performance of the song that is reported (and is likely) to be her next single and video, which we would like to remind you that we predicted!

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'You and I' at AMP Radio