Lady Gaga fakes it! We're not talking about her alone time with rumored BF Taylor Kinney, either. The Mother Monster has all sorts of designers clamoring to dress her in priceless, high-end couture, but the New York gal admits she still buys designer fakes.

This news comes from the pop star who had the likes of Armani (as in Giorgio) and Lagerfeld (as in Karl) pen notes for her V magazine fashion column for the winter issue. She also once said she would spend two months wearing nothing but Versace! Gaga is nothing if not unpredictable with her fashion choices and ideologies.

The Mirror reports that Gaga nabbed some counterfeit items while in Japan last month. She said, "In Tokyo, they have all these stores that have fake Chanel and Versace. And I’m an Italian from New York, so I still buy it. This jacket is a fake."

Hey, at least she isn't hiding it. However, if it's fakes she wants, she can stock up on faux versions of luxe brands down on Canal Street in her native NYC. She doesn't to head so far east to Japan in order to find some quality knockoffs!

There is something inherently cool about Gaga buying fake designer merchandise. It sends a message to her little monsters that they shouldn't try and emulate her and spend too much money that they don't have on designer duds. Remember, much of the time, luxe items are lent or gifted to celebs in exchange for the press that comes from wearing them. Her action lets 'em know it's okay to dress down or to forge their own unique style by playing around with items that didn't cost, you know, a couple month's worth of mortgage payments.