Lady Gaga's been known for some outrageous outfits over the last few years -- but what's one of these outfits without a pair of killer high heels to match? In honor of Gaga's over-the-top style, we've collected some pictures of the pop star's most craziest heels.

After looking at these pictures, we're wondering how Gaga can stomp around in some of these shoes. Her ability to balance in high stilettos is very impressive! We're glad Mama Monster is willing to risk falling for fashion -- let's just hope she continues to avoid any accidents in the future!

We admire Gaga's fearlessness when it comes to sporting some of these distinct stilettos. We wouldn't even dare to try some of these on! Check out some of Lady Gaga's most eccentric heels below and let us know which pair is your favorite in the comments below.