Daddy/daughter dances are for the birds — if you really want to show off your family bond, you've gotta get inked in tandem.

Yesterday (October 24), Lady Gaga revealed to her Instagram followers that — in honor of her latest album — she and her father got matching Joanne tattoos: Gaga's, on her forearm and Mr. G's on his shoulder (with a complementary angel image). Yes, this is a tie that can only ever be severed by expensive and painful degenerative laser therapies...

As Gaga explained in an October 4 interview with Ryan Seacrest, she recorded her fifth LP in honor of her late aunt, whose death shook her patrilineal family in ways she still can't quite even understand.

"My dad lost [Joanne] very quickly and it changed his life so dramatically. It wiped him out," she said. "Like, I don’t even know if I know my real dad. And that’s what this record was about. Do I even know my real father? Because my father was traumatized and I didn’t know him then. I’m just not sure if all the drinks I’ve seen him have and all the drinks he’s seen me have — I’m just not sure if after all these years that anybody has healed from this. It’s just that we’re all in a state of aftermath that we don’t even realize."

And Joanne is in good company on Gaga's most personal canvas: In 2012, she unveiled an Artpop tattoo designed in honor of her fourth album. "We could, we could belong together. ARTPOP," she wrote in a subsequent post.

What do you think of Gaga's tattoo — has Joanne warranted such a permanent honor? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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