Whew. Lady Gaga can breathe a huge sigh of relief about one source of drama in her life, as a judge has agreed to forever seal documents that detail aspects of the singer's fledgling, pre-'The Fame' days, which she desperately hoped would remain buried. She got her wish.

No one knows what Gaga wants kept secret and we won't ever find out, since a judge agreed to keep the sensitive info sealed. The info apparently contains information that Ma Monster says would seriously damage her career.

What the heck could these documents entail? It's intriguing, for sure.

The suit is between Gaga's ex-BF and onetime producer Rob Fusari, with whom she has tangled legally before, and Gaga's former friend Wendy Starland. The documents in their suit have yet to be filed, but Gaga knows that will take place any day now, so she took pre-emptive action.

TMZ suggests that the information pertains to details of her financial settlement with Fusari, along with other personal matters. Fusari also wants the information to remain undisclosed to the public, so that would indicate that Starland has some seriously damaging details about both the pop star and the producer. What in the world does she have on these two?

The judge made it clear that the information would seriously inure Gaga, worse than one of her dancers hitting her in the head with a stage prop and giving her a concussion, and that's why the seal was granted.

Gaga still has other legal headaches in her life, though. She is being investigated by Russian authorities over the allegation that she may have broken an immigration law by performing (and making money) in the country while on a tourist visa, which does not allow one to behave commercially.