Lady Gaga lit up 'The Late Show With David Letterman' last night to celebrate the release of 'Born This Way.' Gaga was dressed in all black, bedroom attire: Thigh highs, lace panties, black bra, knee-high boots and a face obscuring mask! She also wore a jacket. Her entrance certainly drew a raised-eyebrow stare from Letterman himself.

Little monsters lined up around the block on a rainy New York City Monday and the camera cut to a shot of the fans who were braving the crappy weather hoping to catch but a glimpse of their heroine.

When asked about her mask, Gaga said, "I'm Batman" and then hummed the theme song for the caped crusader. Letterman also inquired as to what happened to the "rest" of her outfit and she said that she only liked the jacket so she decided that was all she wanted to wear.

Letterman called her "just a kid" since she is all of 25 years old; he joked about how he had a paper route at her age and she quipped that 'Born This Way' is her paper route. Gaga is so quick with her wit, and she held her own with the sardonic Letterman during their segment. He also asked Gaga if she is the byproduct of a musical family and she said "They sing in the shower" about the extent of the rest of the Germanottas musical ambitions. She added that there was no stopping her when she was pursuing fame and that Mama Germanotta was super supportive of her efforts.

Gaga reiterated that she held down waitress jobs during her early days as a struggling artist, admitting that "I used to flirt with everybody so I would get tips but that didn't work so good if they were on a date."

She talked about her days as a struggling artist in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and how she was creating underground pop in a singer-songwriter era with her cohort Lady Starlight. They put on a variety show, which was against the grain of what was happening in the LES music scene. "We would wear matching bikinis and I played my pop songs," Gaga recalled. "If you take your clothes off, it's amazing what will happen."

Gaga is still taking her clothes off in a fashionable way and she's still singing her pop songs. Some things will never change.

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