Before she sings in space, Lady Gaga will fly. Or she'll at least wear a dress that does. We think.

We dunno WTF this means, but word is Gaga is holding an event to preview the world's first flying frock aka Volantis.

Does that mean she will fly while wearing it or the dress will mimicking or simulate flying?

We don't know, but we're interested. A flying dress sounds so much more sanitary than a meat one. Maybe R. Kelly, he duet partner for 'Do What U Want,' inspired her to believe she can fly.

News of a private press conference, set for around 7PM on Sunday, Nov. 10 in Brooklyn, leaked online. According to that intel, Gaga and her team will demonstrate the new technology.

This innovation is bought to you by Lady Gaga and TechHaus, the tech div of Haus of Gaga.

Below are the tweets about the dress that is to take flight.

So, there's that. Color us intrigued.

'ARTPOP,' Gaga's latest, drops Monday, Nov. 11, as well.