Lady Gaga supposedly keeps a detailed record of her life and the happenings that take place while she is on tour. These diaries consist of her thoughts, feelings, notes and sketches. She is traveling the world and living an extraordinary existence, so she is documenting it at every turn. We'd do the same in her position. The Mother Monster is supposedly keeping the notes for her future children, but she is also reportedly planning to share it with her "other" kids – her little monsters.

"As she tours the world, Gaga notes everything down in her journal," a source said. "It contains her thoughts, feelings, sketches, pictures and even letters between herself and mum Cynthia. She keeps it all together as a memento, so that if she ever has children they'll be able to read all about their pop star mum."

But Gaga is ever generous with her monsters and shares everything with them, and may do so with her diaries.

The insider continued, ''Gaga also says that one day she would consider allowing it to be published, if the timing was right.'' She would also publish the musings free of charge, since it's not about profit. "Gaga would consider it to be a gift to them," the source said about her opening up her most private thoughts for her little monsters. A gift that keeps on giving!

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