With a stellar 2011 that saw her further cement her status as the biggest pop star to roam the earth (complete with the biggest first week sales tally of the year with 'Born This Way'), Lady Gaga is ready to ring in an even better 2012. We know, there are still over three months left in 2011, but Gaga will perform at the 40th annual 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' bash, which takes place in the heart of Times Square in Gaga's hometown of New York City. Who better to ring in 2012 and watch the apple drop with than one of the city's most famous exports?

Ryan Seacrest announced the news on his radio show, as he has been co-hosting the event since 2005. Seacrest said his boss Dick Clark told him that Gaga will perform right before the big ball drops! It's going to be epic.

This news begs the question -- will Gaga try and top her VMAs turn as Jo Calderone? What will she wear? We are already psyched just thinking about it.

Gaga will occupy midtown and beyond quite a bit this winter, as she will also have a holiday display at Barney's. She'll follow that fun up with the NYE performance. People talk about Christmas in New York. This year, it's Gaga in New York at Christmastime!

Listen to Ryan Seacrest Announce Lady Gaga for 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve'