The director's cut of Lady Gaga's Thierry Mugler fashion film, which debuted at the designer's Fashion Week show in Paris last week, has found its way online. It's about 20 seconds longer and a bit different than the originally issued short version but it's just as intense. It still showcases Gaga's diamond-encrusted grill and high-on-her-head, multi-color side ponytails.

The Mother Monster swirls her head around enough to require an Excedrin, but she also speaks more. That's the major difference. During her monologue, she says, "I am Mugler woman. Don't f--- with me. Don't f--- with me" with a shake of her head. We get the point. Mugler's fashions are fierce and they are designed for women who embody that quality, like Gaga. It's a brilliant sales and marketing strategy to have Lady Gaga call herself a "Mugler woman" and to present the Mugler woman as quiet strong and deadly if you mess with her. Who wouldn't want to wear clothes that are inspired by such philosophies? A Gaga endorsement is also golden in the fashion world, so her aligning with Mugler is certainly good for the house.

There are more close ups of Gaga's face, with a focus on her pale pink lips and doe eyes. You realize how pretty she is when she's up close, the grill and extensions aside, of course.

She also declares, "We are Paris. Do not anger Mugler woman. She will eat you." Mugler women are cannibals? More reason to metaphorically fear Mugler women for their ferocity! Gaga also exclaims, "I am Mugler woman. I am quiet, I am strong. Amen. Welcome to Paris." The film then fades out with Gaga saying, "We are Paris."

Watch the Lady Gaga Director's Cut of Thierry Mugler Fashion Film