Lady Gaga has been seen toting an adorbs, curly-haired pooch named Fozzi in photos lately, and now the pup is her co-star in a grainy, old-fashioned mini-film ... or Episode No. 6 of Gaga's Monstervision. The verdict is in: Fozzi is a star.

With jazzy music playing in the background, the silent film features the fashionable, Chanel-clad Mother Monster traipsing around Paris in black leather, hat and heels with Fozzi tucked safely in her arms. With her hair styled in big waves, she gives off that Old Hollywood vibe.

She's also noshing on popcorn and reading Business Jet Traveler, while Fozzi has his own aviator shades. As if Gaga's dog wouldn't be as fashionable as she is. Fozzi is the singer's best accessory and arm candy.

The camera picks up on Gaga's pricy Louis Vuitton luggage and the two even go for a joyride on a luggage cart while they are on their way to board a private plane. Oh those two have the life, don't they?

Fozzi is a little monster of a different sort, but the dog loyally follows its human mom everywhere she goes. Case in point? Watch when Ma Monster puts the woofer on the ground to board the plane. Fozzi dutifully follows Gaga up the steps into the aircraft. Too freakin' cute. Fozzi, je t'aime.

Have dog, will travel.