When in Milano, do as the Milanese do, and that means put your best fashion foot forward. Lady Gaga was in Milan, located in her ancestral country of Italy  and she channeled fellow Italian, designer diva Donatella Versace, while wearing a safety pin dress that showed off plenty of her tattoos.

Gaga actually wore two safety pinned frocks this week. She was also spotted wearing the same number that actress Elizabeth Hurley turned heads with back in the '90s. You can see her in that "vintage" gown, paired with her chocolate brown hair, here.

For her "other" safety pin frock, Gaga rocked platinum blonde locks, Donatella-style, and extreme winged eyeliner, no doubt courtesy of her trusty makeup artist Tara Savelo. So we'll call her "Gagatella." Gaga looks as glam as ever, and this exotic look suits her. If she wanted to be a carbon copy of Donatella, all she needed to do was get a spray tan.

She captioned the photo with a poignant statement that’s relevant to her Body Revolution campaign. "Walk down the runway, but don't puke. It's ok, you just had a salad today." It’s a pointed reference to model diets and the recent criticism she's received since adding a few pounds to her petite frame.

A few extra pounds or not, Gaga looks fabulous and fashion forward. You know, the usual. You can also see her posing in a red frock with Donatella here.

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