Lady Gaga may not be normal in many respects, but there are some areas where the Mother Monster doesn't differ all that much from the little monsters. Like her dating life.

Actress Emmy Rossum of 'Shameless' fame revealed that she and her boyfriend and co-star Tyler Jacob Moore once double dated with Gaga and her reported beau Taylor Kinney. So what are the six degrees of separation here? Kinney once appeared in an ep of 'Shameless.' And that's how they all got together for a quiet evening that included good eats and quality TV viewing.

Rossum shared some of the details about doubling up with the world's biggest pop star in her cover interview for InStyle Hair. It was a surprisingly low key and subdued evening. "We stayed in, cooked steaks, and watched 'Shameless,'" Rossum revealed. "It was all very normal, and she is so nice."

It's a stretch to imagine Gaga being normal, but steaks and TV are rather ordinary. We'd love to know if she was wearing 10-inch platforms while devouring her food or if she wore any of her assortment of wigs during TV time. Those are the million dollar questions. Maybe Emmy Rossum will tell us more about what the Mother Monster is like in a private setting one day.