Lady Gaga changes her hair style and color more than, say, Katy Perry or Rihanna. After sporting voluminous Louis Vuitton brown waves and then silky, cotton candy pink strands, Gaga has gone completely the other way and is now rocking twisty dreadlocks.

Obviously, they are fake, since real rasta dreads take months, if not years, to lock and twist and grow. They don't sprout overnight with a little product, pomade and manipulation. They need weeks without shampoo and twisting to form. Even so, Gaga's dreads are cool and look amazeballs since they are platinum blonde.

She shared a few photos on Instagram, featuring her knotted, textured hair. It gives her style a rocker edge.

Gaga also posted a photo while in the studio. Gaga remains hard at work on 'ARTPOP' –we think. She keeps releasing snippets related to the urban-influenced 'Cake' track, which may or may not be a track on 'ARTPOP.'

She captioned the photo, saying: "I love music, it always keeps me company. STUDIOhaus."

What do you guys think of Gaga with dreads, PopCrushers? Don't get used to 'em, though. They'll be gone, baby, gone sooner than later and she'll be on to the next thing.


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