A good boss is one who won't ask employees to do things she wouldn't do herself --  and judging by a photo Lady Gaga tweeted, where she takes a drill and works on the massive, majestic Born This Way Ball tour stage, the Mother Monster is a terrific boss. She gives new meaning to hands on, joining her crew in the assembly of the stage.

Gaga shared a shot of herself, drill in hand, putting the much-discussed, castle-like stage together in South Korea. Her tour kicks off in Seoul on Friday (April 27) and Gaga always proclaims that she will do anything for her fans and will never stop short of doing whatever it takes to put on the best show possible.

Clearly, that's not lip service, as she knows her way around a power tool. We're not suggesting that the Mother Monster spent the entire day with nuts and bolts, but she is certainly involved in the process and, of course, posed for a photo opp.

Gaga isn't wearing Dickies pants or work boots while drilling. She is decked out in fishnets and sky high platforms, paired with fingerless gloves and a black romper. A pop diva must always be fashionable, even when she's working up a sweat. Elbow grease be damned -- a girl's got look good.

Not a hair in her high platinum blond ponytail is out of place -- and her winged eyeliner is perfect. We hope she didn't break a nail, though!

We also love that she referenced heavy metal band Iron Maiden, of whom she is a huge fan: "I will do anything for my fans! Having fun with the stage crew guys, screwing on the runway. A Real Iron Maiden!" the 'Marry the Night' singer tweeted.