Lady Gaga has cut back on her boozing, and with good reason. Now that she's found love with hunky actor Taylor Kinney, she doesn’t need to drown her sorrows, simply because there are less sorrows in her life. Love: The Cure All!

The Daily Star reports that an insider in Gaga's camp revealed that Gaga told little monsters that she has reduced her alcohol consumption now that she is happy. It seems that Kinney, 31, has a lot to do with that.

During an intimate chat with monsters, which was conducted while backstage, Gaga confessed, "I've toned down my drinking because I'm not depressed like before. Now I only have one glass of wine every now and then." Everything in moderation is a good way to approach libations. While Gaga does nothing else in moderation, from her larger-than-life songs to her neck-snapping platforms, it's okay to trim back on something in her life, like the booze.

We're glad that Gaga is taking care of herself and putting her health and well-being first. We're also glad that her relationship with Kinney has lifted her spirits -- she is drunk on happiness from their romance, as opposed to being drunk in order to numb the pain of a, to borrow a phrase from one of her singles, bad romance.

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