From naked as the day she was born to naked in a totally different way! Lady Gaga followed up yesterday's nude photo from V with a picture of her (newly) dark hair and naked, makeup-free face.

Mama Monster shared a new photo without one drop of makeup on her face. Her porcelain, pale skin was a gorgeous contrast to the rich, dark brown hue of her hair. She may not have had any makeup on, but she was hardly a Plain Jane.

Gaga also posted a caption – it seems that 'ARTPOP' is about to begin its promo cycle with a single, and she is having a little trouble letting go.

ARTPOP as they pry the single from my bleeding fingers. its a scary thing to revisit those things underneath, the pain in your past. but all I found was raw passion. I thought I was destroyed inside. im just ready to fight. start the music.